• A maniacal creature that lives on the edge of the universe. Whenever it is present, rows of several numbers arise from the ground. Nobody dares to look straight at it, for they disintegrate from the flow of time, and transform into merely another piece of empty space to help the universe expand.
  • A foe not even the great Infinity can overcome.
  • This is Pi's main form. The "3" in "3.14" though, since Pi has many digits in the number, it means that this creature has many forms for different types of events and purposes. (The ones it mostly uses are the same as the submissions for the Pi contest) so it means this creature can turn to any person, any creature, anything as long as they represent the infinite numbers and digits in the number Pi.
    • And with those forms, the Fanpros, even 0, Infinity, and Plastic Number, won't even realize they might've came across Pi in one of its forms.       
  • Though Pi looks quite vicious, it is actually quite a tame creature. Still, it would often intimidate and bother Plastic Number, a fellow irrational number.
  • It lives in a world of black and white, and steals colors from other numbers.
  • Centinist sub-god of Sentience.
  • Can shape-shift into other Fanpros by "rewriting" its code. Its transformations look essentially like dark silhouettes of the Fanpro it copies, but the facial features are twisted and replaced with its own mouth and eyes.
  • Speaks with a breathy, whispering tone that seemingly echos into nothing, although its mouth doesn't move while speaking.


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