• "Unlike the names of the golden ratio and silver ratio, the word plastic was not intended to refer to a specific substance, but rather in its adjectival sense, meaning something that can be given a three-dimensional shape.This is because, according to Padovan, the characteristic ratios of the number, 3/4 and 1/7, relate to the limits of human perception in relating one physical size to another."    
Thus, P (Plastic) can turn anything that is 2 dimensional into a 3 dimensional figure, and can effect people's perception of the world around them relating to one's physical characteristics, especially their size.
  • An otherworldly demon representing everything artificial and manmade. She can convert living forms into behaving in a robotic manner, control all silicate-based forms of life, and with the help of followers, can turn various natural objects into fake replicas.
    • Only has an influence in highly industrial and populated areas. When alone in a wilderness, she is powerless.
    • She herself isn't even all natural; just look at her hair.
  • Much like Infinity and 0, Plastic/Rho is considered a deity to most. She govens the vastness of the sky, and in a sense, she also represents the outer world beyond the atmosphere and the vaccuum of space.
  • Centinist sub-god of Emotion.


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