Negatives are a concept within fanpro. This page is dedicated to all headcanons surrounding how negatives come into existence/how they affect/effect the universe/etc.


  • Negatives stem from overly negative feelings and overtake their original number
  • negatives are like the trickster mode version of fanpro character, extremely twisted
  • negatives have the opposite personality from their original number
  • 0000 is attempting to fight off negatives from taking over and destroying the universe
  • 0001 has the power to control and transform into their negative, which is used to counter other fanpros negatives.
  • Infinity is the cause for Negatives.
  • Negatives are malicious beings that exist in an alternate dimension of the Fanpro's world. All Fanpros have negative counterparts who embody every horrible and negative aspect of themselves, and multiply it to unfathomable lengths. The greater the negative emotions felt by a Fanpro, the stronger and more deadly the Negative will become. All Negative Fanpros look nearly identical to the originals, except their colors are either flipped to their opposites or excessively darkened. Personality-wise, all Negatives act upon their opposite's darkest intentions, which is even more worse if the Fanpro in question was evil to begin with.


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