• She's the complete opposite of 0000 and therefore is pure evil. Although she's evil, she is a really silly villain and doesn't usually take any battles she has to fight seriously.
  • Cares about fashion A LOT.
  • Has the ability to meld into and out of the shadows at will
  • Can actively control her little dress-tendrils
  • Her tongue is snake-like
  • Will playfully flirt with literally everyone she speaks with for more than 10 seconds. And it's reeeally hard to tell whether she's being serious about it or not. (Hint: 50% of the time, she totally is.)
  • Has the power to wipe someone's short-term memory with her third eye
  • Ridiculously tall.
  • Centinist sub-god of Death.
  • She's actually not as evil as she's portrayed, and would more accurately be described as either a chaotic good character or a chaotic neutral. She doesn't care that many people see her as some kind of demon figure, and usually does her own thing.



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