• 0412 was once connected to 0411, but was one day given a pair of magical scissors by 0400. He cut his ties with 0411 and absconded the same day, leaving 0411 to fend for himself in the large cruel world. He later grows up too be 0220 and uses the magic scissors to rule as the Master of the Red Strings of Fate; to bring people together or sever their ties depending on what is demanded.
  • 0400 fell in love with 0412 shortly after the ribbon incident and cursed it to never reach an end until he found her, thus trailing all over the Fanpro world. Only 0411, who use to be connected with 0412 by the same ribbon, can see the ribbon. Therefore, giving 0411 a chance to find 0412 again. However, 0412 cut ties with 0411 for a reason, and now avoids confrontation by whatever means necessary.
  • Often consults 0374 for advice
  • 0113 tied the string to 0412's pinky when they were children as a prank and told him to never take it off or else he'd never find his true love
  • His name is Tomos
  • Is constantly on the run from 0220, as his red string ties him to not just a person to which he's destined to be with, but also his ability to be in this world. The child is but a phantom.


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