Designed by tumblr user zeetheus.

Released in Gen 4 batch 5, under the theme 'dreamlike'.


A human-shaped Fanpro with purple skin and a fluffy white bob cut with a part on the right side and the bangs swept to their left. Wears a light blue blouse with short puffy sleeves under a magenta tailcoat with one white button in the middle, and short puffy blue-violet shorts. The legs are dark blue with a small white dot on each foot, above the toes. A bow of the same color adorns their collar. There is one visible eye (their right) which is closed. A purple butterfly sits on their head, with a magenta aura flowing out of the butterfly.


  • Has the ability to pull people's souls out of their bodies, giving them a near-death experience.
  • A half-dead, half-alive entity that appears only when one truly believes she exists to begin with. When summoned, she will give moral advice, or bring misfortunes to a specified wrongdoer.


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