• One in a series of mountains that came alive due to the leftover residue of a huge magical battle that happened centuries ago. Sleeps most of the time, and when awake he'll let you pass through him, but he'll still complain occasionally (likening the sensation to if a human ate live ants). This movement causes cave ins, as do his snores while asleep, so in the interest of safety most agree it's best to go around. The snores are a shared and identifiable characteristic by the entire range, and can be heard from miles off at night, leading to the nickname "The Snoozing Old Ones" for the area.
  • The largest living 'creature' of the Fanpro world. It was awakened only recently, after several millenia of being partially buried in the earth. Its footsteps are larger than a whole village, and it terrorizes the land everywhere it walks.
    • Thus far, no one has found any way of killing it, and so facing it, even with a whole militia, is very discouraged.
  • Actually a King from long ago who was turned into a mountain as punishment in return from wicked things he did. 
  • works like a megaphone: step inside, say what you want, and then wait.


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