• 0147's father, husband of 0357, and current Keeper and Lord of the Universe. Doesn't want to hand over his now relished powers and title to his daughter (see 0357's page for details), so he gave 0147 to 0000 with the hopes that Zero would be able to help his child unearth newfound powers of her own.
  • Has the power over wormholes to other edges of the universe.
  • the brother of 0000 he works to mantain the order in the reaches of the galaxy that do not contain life
  • able  to take a humanoid form like 0000 but does not want to because he is too arrogant to "place himeself on the same level  as you mortals"
  • An enigmatic, cheery socialite who has mastered the art of warping through space. He often transports himself from place to place, gathering knowledge and wisdom from every corner of the universe for reasons yet to be made clear.


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