Original design submitted by tumblr user hibaris-yaoi-hands

According to tumblr user that-one-dave, they redesigned 0350 between submissions and has what one could call an 'alternative design'.


  • Harbors a crush on 0346
  • Maybe an electronic music artist
  • 0233's regular rival in who's the fastest fanpro.
    • He's 75% slower than her...
    • ...on weekends...
  • Possibly a cyborg
  • Can speak in bionary code but sometimes glitches. He can speak in morse code too!
  • He's a huge dork when he dances
  • He has CANONS IN HIS ARMS!!!



There are two known blogs at this moment

A group blog called ask-the-rebels  which is currently Inactive

A solo 0350 blog called ask-fanpro-0350 which is currently active 

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