• 0344 is a being that closely resembles a human, but with a few key differences:
    • It is impossible to capture his form completely withing a picture, be it a photograph, a drawing, a painting, or any other image.
    • His clothing changes based on his loocation.
    • He appears to be able to swap between genders
    • Other Fanpros who encounter him always report him with different personalities, voice types, and eye colours. Although it is possible to put these down to variations in design, no two fanpros have encountered the same personality.
    • There is 'something' wrong with his mouth when you encounter him in person, though no one can account for what that 'something' is.
    • People who meet him tend to develope unusual side-effects, such as:
      • Hearing whispering in an unknown language.
      • Obsessive collection of anatomy books.
      • Strange misinterpretation of the weather - e.g. believing it to be sunny in the middle of a thunderstorm.
There is no information on how these side-effects are connected with him.
  • He rarely appears in public, seemingly vanishing for months and even years on end before appearing again. It has been 27 days since his last appearance.
  • runs a business


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