• A predator with a strong, symbiotic relationship with smaller block-like flying creatures. In exchange for letting them eat the leftovers of a corpse, they can assemble in various shapes to aid the wolf's hunting (wings, staircase, camouflage, etc.)
  • Like Okami's Amaterasu, 0340 has the power to change things in a very visual, pretty way. Unlike Okami, this involves using pixel powers rather than brush ones. Her eyes always glow, whether or not she wants to be that visible. The pixels have their own little hive mind and powers, somewhat dependent on her mood, and may form say, a shield, even if she doesn't see her attacker coming. It isn't unheard of for 0340 to leap through the air, paws bracing on pixels that disappear seconds after she abandons them to leap higher, and further, and faster.


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