• A spirit that watches over children at night, warding off any evil that may lurk.
  • A creature akin to a genie that is summoned through a magic fishbowl. Instead of granting wishes, however, it will tell its master three things about their deep subconcious. The three fishes represent the master's Id, Ego, and Superego. The Id fish will tell its master what they most desire. The Superego fish will warn its master of the things that will cause them harm. The Ego fish tells of the best way to achieve what the master most wants.
  • A common creature in the Fanpro universe, 0332 is a Giant koi carp that is spiritually tied to a fishbowl, which is created at the 0332's birth. This bond can stretch infinitley, and the fish can live immense distances away from the bowl. The fish can live in any conditions - The sea, The sky, a forest, a desert - providing that their bowl is maintained. If the bowl breaks or is emptied of water, the fish dies.
  • A bunch of dead ghost fish seeking their former owner.


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