• An entity that controls colors and can suck them out of objects. When the color is completely gone, the object disappears entirely, and no one knows where they go. He floats everywhere he goes.
  • The loops around him are actually bindings that keep him from moving, as he committed a crime against the gods at one point, who condemned him to a life of total stillness and solitude. Unbeknownst to them, he is slowly, mentally refashioning them into weapons, which he plans to use to attain his revenge on the ones who imprisoned him.
  • He does not actually have eyes, seeing through the gems on the metal loops instead. The loops can be controlled through the headpieces he wears, and be used to extend his sight, dig into earth and rock to climb or dig, as long range weapons, and other such uses. If one of the headpieces is damaged or destroyed, his "vision" becomes blurred, the loops begin to act erratically, and the insignia on his shirt grows larger. If all of them are damaged or destroyed, his clothes, loops, and skin turn to black, and he falls into a coma. The headpieces can be restored by applying any color of paint to them, and they will be restored with that new color. This change also affects the corresponding parts of his clothing and the loops, so it irritates him if they are restored without his typical RBY color scheme, as the results can be quite garish otherwise.
  • Creator headcanon- his name is Ary (as in Primary).
  • One of the Soul-less fanpros
    • Part of a collection of fanpros who had their souls mysteriously taken by an unknown number, causing them to become unstable numbers
    • Often called 'The Immobile Thief' of the collection
    • Other Soul-less fanpros include 0386, 0409, 0287, 0338, 0216 and 0175


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