• His arms are made out of smoke and his legs/feet are made out of charcoal.
  • He's grumpy all the time.
  • He likes lemons.
  • He likes lying down on moss to reflect on his life.
  • is taught by 0250 how to control his "abilities"
  • He's actually 75% oil.
  • When he becomes injured, and bleeds out most of his 75% oil, he calls upon 0130 to give him an oil transfusion.
  • She has an organ in her body that produces a strange ink-like substance which she secretes through her eyes and gill-like openings in her lower arms. The substance is highly acidic, and occasionally eats away at her own skin.
  • He gets flustered really easily
  • He has sort of lilac blood, so when he blushes, he blushes lilac-y


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