• She's a cyborg who has no human emotions at all.
  • Hates most people after being betrayed by her creator, but loves, heals, cares for, and protects any animal she may come across.
  • very manipulative
  • a robot who rebelled against their creator after seeing a girl and was like lol bye im going to go be like that cool thing.
  • can't run very easily
  • A robot who was made to hunt other robots
  • The mechanical woman aids the large, old beast by translating its words. The woman is quite cynical and judgmental however, so she may rather express her own opinions than her master's.
  • She's like a spoiled rich girl, but, like, in the good way, and she's got a big old dog!
    • "That's a weird-looking dog, friend."
    • "Nah, it's fine."


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