• In love with a cerberus that physically abuses her.
  • Each head has a separate mind and identity that takes over the body at certain times in the day. Head one gets 1 AM to 8 AM (which suits her just fine, being very introverted), head two gets 9 AM to 4 PM, and head three gets 5 PM to 12 AM. Between 12-1 AM, 8-9 AM, and 4-5 PM, the body must sit or lay down no matter what to recharge.
  • 0272's mother(s).
  • A group of siamese triplets. They often times bicker amongst each other over what all three of them are planning to do. One head is a lesbian and more responsible, another head is aromantic and outgoing, and the third head is pansexual and grumpy. The bruises on their limbs are due to each of the heads punishing each other over trivial things (even though they all feel the same thing since they share the same body).


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