• She's an Indian princess who is trying to break away from her father's obsessiveness to marry her off to a prince who she feels is stuck up.
  • She's an exotic Indian dancer.
  • She speaks in her own language. Despite understanding English perfectly fine, in order to find a suitable romantic partner, she must find someone willing to learn her self-adapted tongue instead of trying to make her go back to English.
  • She can see peoples ‘inner demons’ kinda like a visual representation of what their faults are, and the thoughts that try to bring them down, the voices in their heads that tell them how worthless they are. Some she sees clinging onto backs, others wrapped around their hosts bodies. These demons emit a light that has no effect of their surroundings, just like the smoky haze that appears in front of her eyes when she sees them doesn’t reflect on her skin.
  • Daughter of Indian farmers\peasants that was born with teal hair due to having been blessed with powers by a seafoam elemental who had the same hair color, to become his successor and reincarnation. Because of that, she was taken in by a noble clan that worshipped said seafoam elemental.


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