• She's totally made of sand and little pieces of her break off sometimes so her friends have to take her to the beach to rebuild the parts that aren't there anymore.
  • Uses sand-based magics
  • Had her Staff of the Deserts stolen from her by the lord of a rival earthen kingdom. Is fighting to get it back with 0168. Fancies her.
  • Was murdered and buried on her wedding day, and now her ghost is constantly stained with mud.
  • One of the Soul-less fanpros
    • Part of a collection of fanpros who had their souls mysteriously taken by an unknown number, causing them to become an unstable number
    • Often called "The Heartlost" of the collection
    • Other Soul-less numbers include 0386, 0287, 0409, 0338 and 0216
  • A haboob that assumes a humanoid form, and is rarely smaller than 10 stories.


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