• They're twins with a lot of differences. The most important being that the one in orange is a scaredy cat and is whining all the time where the one with black horns just wants peace and quiet. This leads to them fighting a lot. Even though they fight, black horns takes the role as the big brother and protects his younger brother from things that could hurt or scare him.
  • They're really two parts of the same person. Their separation was caused when 155 tried to remove their yin (darkness) from their yan (light) mistakening yin for "evil" and yan for "good". All this accomplished was making an extrovert 155 and a introvert 155.
  • Part of 0168's adventuring team
  • They are actually conjoined at the hand. They cannot separate.
  • Hivemind with a sleeping curse where only one can be awake at a time. Most of the time the awake one pulls pranks, poses the sleeping one awkwardly, or drags him around like a corpse to mess with people.


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