• He's classy and rich.
  • He's some sort of gambler and when he got mixed up with the wrong crowd he had to fight his way out. He has a patch over his eye because during the fight he got shot in the eye.
  • 30 some year old who has a gambling problem, lives in a rundown/pretty much abandoned house, living off whatever he can find
  • speaks rough, but basically ends up being like Shinji from Persona
  • He's afraid of dying, so afraid of dying that he spends his time researching about immortality.
  • His goal is to stop time.
  • He's fascinated by 0000 and wishes to become like them. That's why he gouged out one of his eye.
  • He's an old fashioned clock maker, into steampunkish things. 
  • He's a gentlemen, helping girls get over their insecurities. 
  • Carries out 0000 's deeds.


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