*RED TEXT are headcanons by the design's creator.


  • A superhero who just does little things to help people like saving their cats from trees. Only on a special occasion does he have a super villain to defeat.
  • Sometimes has to stop 0143 from sucking someone's blood.
  • Actually a 14-15 year old boy with a severe case of chunnibyou , his best friend 0143 has it as well. Both of them follow a strange and convoluted plot with each other, with 144 being Shota Hero, a kind and brave maskadorned hero who aims to help others through his powers of super strength and 'The Blue Flame Electrifying Shock!', which is his supermove, sending out gigantic blue sparks/flames. He knows that 143 is really Devil 0XXX, and despite that, he strives to maintain their close friendship in school, pretending he knows nothing about it. When at school he is very rowdy and exciteable, while when fighting Devil 0XXX he is cool and clever, with a hint of sass.
  • His name is Shouta.
    • Actually his name is Steven, but that name just isn't Kamen Rider enough.
  • 0144 considers himself rivals with the Heartbreak Heroine (0135), although it is very one-sided. His ultimate goal is to take down The City's greatest supervillain! He doesn't know it, but he and 0135 actually share this goal.
  • He thinks 0143 is some sort of minor villain because of his chunnibyou behaviour, and often pesters him and gets on his case in order to make sure he doesn't disrupt the civillians. 0143 is greatly annoyed with him because of this, as he is not a "childish human crusader" at all.
  • 144 wants to protect the world because, "it is what she would have done." (Who is this "she" he refers to?)
  • 144 can perform a perfect German Suplex at anytime.
  • 144 is destined to become a great teacher.


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