0139 was created by stop-and-smell-the-dogroseflower . S/he noticably has parts that resemble a lamp.


  • Was once a lamp that a wizard enchanted to become a very small human girl. She's only a couple of inches tall, and happens to be very helpful, but also a little shy.
  • Pulling her "string" causes her "eyes" to turn off.
  • Very close with 0019. They call themselves the electric sisters.
  • Has very "yaoi-like" hands.
  • The lightbulbs on her shoulders are actually just her shoulders and are attached to her body, not just a part of her outfit.
  • 0139 doesn't actually need to eat. Instead, she will ingest gears, screws, washers, wires, and oil if she needs a repair. These will be stored in her "stomach", and tiny spider-like androids will move out of what would be her heart, collect the required objects from the stomach, and repair the broken parts. Any broken or excess material will be spit out through her mouth.
  • 0139 wears the shade on her head to protect other people from being blinded by her eyes. 


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