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  • Is a part of 0127 's pirate crew.
  • Has had her heart broken many times.
  • Used to sail the seven seas with her parents, but after a dreadful storm, they were lost at sea when she was seven.
  • Is fourteen years old.
  • A notorious space pirate. Partners in crime with 0129 after escaping from space prison.
  • 0135 is a landlord in her late twenties, residing in the middle-class region of The City, and is known for her mysterious and alluring personality. What people don't know is that she is actually a superhero who fights for love and justice when the sun goes down, the infamous "HEARTBREAK HEROINE(?)"
  • She is interested in 0143 , a resident of her apartment complex, because of his vampiric getup and chuunibyou condition. Although, as he is a NEET, he has a hard time paying his rent, 0135 lets it slide. She is probably his only friend and somehow cares about him deeply.
  • She is aromantic, and after having her heart broken many times when she was younger, she is not interested in relationships. The reason she took on her position as the Heartbreak Heroine is because the last man that broke her heart was really a supervillain who used her. She is determined on hunting him down and putting an end to his misdeeds. 
  • A nefarious sailor that kidnaps women who are confirmed to be in a relationship with a man, in order to "save them from the pain."


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