• She's very quiet, and has a hard time making friends.
  • Her name is Momi.
  • Very fragile, but also very beautiful.
  • Often sick as a child, has a weak immune system.
  • Frequently asked by the others to help them, as she has four arms and can get work done a lot quicker.
  • Most people in her realm get their excess two arms removed, but she vowed to keep hers.
  • She is rarely allowed to venture outside by her strict but loving parents.
  • Great at using her many hands, she is an expert pianist.
  • She was once a compulsive liar that became a saint of Zeroism, after being blessed with a self-sufficient soul.
  • She is nearly completely blind, and sees the entire world in dim shades of blue.
  • A White Flannel Moth who was turned into a fairy by a magician.


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