• Formerly a hired gun for a wealthy crime syndicate, 0129 was caught and detained in space prison, Teaming up with 0135 to escape, they are now fugitives on the run, taking whatever dangerous odd jobs they can just to make a buck.
  • Bastard child of a warrior, and seeing as she was shunned from the rest of her family, her father trained her with weaponry. Pictured is her favourite weapon, known as Melchior.
  • Ex-triad legbreaker turned high-price contract hitwoman. She has a fondness for cocktail dresses, which she uses her fortune to purchase (and replace, as she often wears them while on the job).
  • An intergalactic pirate with a photographic memory. She is consistently learning more and more martial arts, in an attempt to overpower 0126, her archnemesis.


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