• She's an awesome hacker.
  • Is a technopath so she can somewhat communicate with machines and robots
  • Adores 0131 and always wants to be around her, but she often annoys her.
  • In charge of the major Fanpro communication centre.
  • The screen over her eye is holographic and is called a Holocle.
  • Her shirt literally has a TV screen on it.
  • Is friends with the TVpeople (0082 and 0087)
  • Best friends with 0136
  • Is a very realistic hologram that accompanies people around the grounds of the company she was programed for. Created by 0739.
  • A prodigal inventor that is best known for creating 0233's airborne home. She's currently watching over its condition, leaving her inventing business as just a hobby. Written permission is needed from her to visit the sky hut.
  • The character you play in a video game in the Fanpro world.
  • Rival of 0925 .


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