• He's really just a skeleton. He killed a human and is using his skin as a cover up. He can also rip off any part of his body without dying.
  • He is dating 0114 .
  • Under the scarf, their head isn't connected, either.
  • He can rearrange his body parts to look like gruesome monsters, so he really likes pulling "pranks" on people to scare them.
  • He's Scottish. 
  • He's gay and very proud of it.
  • His hair is natural.
  • He is an alien and he messed up while trying to make himself look human. He used too many horror movies for reference. 
  • He 'borrowed' his current, human head so it didn't look like a skeleton. He doesn't plan on returning it though.
  • He can speak 53 languages and 1200 dialects.
  • He loves playing video games. Especially Legend of Zelda.
  • His lower half has a tendency to walk off on its own. This is a huge pain in the butt (pun not intended) as he has absolutely no way of getting around without them.


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