• 0118 is a demon who has an affinity for cats and riddles.
  • Is BFF with 0064.
  • Is also really good friends with 0101, who has a crush on her; completely oblivious to that fact but thinks she's super attractive and would totally reciprocate it if 101 ever told her
  • Has a sorta-kinda crush on 0064 but would never say anything about it due to the whole "if the other demons found out you were crushing on an angel you'd be the laughing stock of Hell" situation
  • Was supposed to do evil deeds up on the surface of the Fanpro world, but realized that there was a lot of other stuff that was much more fun to do there. Ended up quitting and now works at a craft store.
  • Cuts her own hair
  • Pretty good at playing the violin
  • Has low-grade x-ray vision; in other words, she can see through peoples' clothes if she chooses, but it stops right before the underwear. She can also see through the walls of the room she is in, but only those walls and none past them.
  • Has a lot of other powers, including some pyrokinesis, but she tries really hard to not use them in order to fit in. Only really uses them for drastic measures/fights.
  • Owns two cats, Molly and Balthazar


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