• A super sassy rule breaker who likes to chew bubblegum. This makes her an automatic enemy to 0101.
  • She's a cheerleader.
  • She is dating 0119 .
  • She actually really likes classical music, but in order to fit in she forces herself to "like" hip hop.
  • her hair and legs are made out of bubblegum.
  • She speaks 49 different languages and 3000 dialects. 
  • 114 is here to chew bubblegum and kick butt. Fortunately for us, she still has bubblegum.
  • Is a gunner in 0081's pirate crew.
    • One would question this, seeing how her idea of gunnery is hitting baseballs at the enemy ship. Though you do have to admit to its effectiveness (so far she's sunken ten ships this way, one of them a man-of-war).
  • she can hide lots of things in her hair
  • Is skilled in krav maga
  • Is the Cool Big Sister type.


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