• She's a ninja made of bubblegum and her mortal enemy is 0114
  • She's scared of 0100 because she tried to eat her(numerous times). 
  • Extremely friendly and adventurous!
  • Her name is Surya
  • 0011 has an obvious crush on her, but she is totally oblivious, as you do. However she claims to be the best at relationships (especially romantic ones), often putting herself into the position of matchmaker
  • Unless they hurt her/someone she knows, she is generally super positive and happy! She tends to stretch out words, laugh loudly and make dumb faces
  • Has a huge crush on 0118 but values their friendship too much tell her
  • She can extend her limbs as much as she wants
  • Because part of her body composition is made of gum, she is a little sticky to the touch; she loves to hug people, but she always ends up apologizing because it takes a while for her to let go of them.
  • Can change between male and female at will, but prefers to be futa.
  • Is part of the Intergallactic Security Agency


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