• Likes rainbows and pinatas.
  • loves hitting
  • yiffs
  • My headcanon names for her are: Su, which is short for Sucrose(Table sugar) or Gluca, from Glucose(plant sugar) or Glucagon(treatment for low blood sugar). She has a candy addiction and stores candy in her hair(there is also a possibility that her hair is made of taffy). She carries a bat to ward off candy stealers. If she doesn't get enough sweets, she becomes crazy and creepy and wild, and is willing to KILL for a tiny piece of sugar 0070 is her "secret" admirer. She thinks that he has "potential" and is slowly developing feelings for him.
  • She's the life of all the parties... unless they bring out a pinata.
  • She's a pinata rights activist, but unfortunately her rallies are very small.
  • Her hair is literally made of paper. This forces her to stay away from anything or anyone related to fire.
  • Centinist sub-god of Energy and Tradition.


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