• Similiar to Prismo from Adventure Time, when people pass through, he offers to grant them wishes. The wishes have to be evil and destructive even if whoever passed by doesn't want it to be.
  • He/She inserts the fork he is holding in the sockets. He/She loves the electric shock it gives him/her. He/She sometimes forces the people who pass through to do it too.
  • 99 is pure negative energy that had deleveloped into a shadow-like creature. She indulges in fear and misery- she hides in passerbyer's shadows to spook them out of their skins.
  • She's really not so bad once you get to know her, but due to her frightening appearance and prank-loving nature, it's hard for her to get to know anyone. So far 0143 and 0125 are her closest friends.


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