• She is part bull.
  • She's a "soft grundge" type of person.
  • She broke her horn in a freakish accident.
  • She's a big fan of homestuck, and she calls the trolls 'Her people' even though they aren't related AT ALL.
    • Sometimes paints her horns and pretends she's related to Tavros and she's dating Gamzee
  • Meditates on the daily
  • likes performing magic tricks for the people who look sad. She's terrible with the tricks, so she usually ends up stuffing the hat with candy every day before leaving her home. By the end of the day, most of the candy has been given away.
  • Her horns are made out of very hard candy.
  • 0151's single mother. Harbors the title "Demon of the Range," as anyone who tries to overtake the mountains they live in were quickly driven away by her strength and commitment to her territory and son.
    • They're much like what approaching a mother bear and its cub is to us: a death sentence.


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