• Pilots a gundam.
    • Used to pilot a Gundam but then he got too old and wasn't alloweed to pilot Gundams anymore.
  • It farts a lot.
  • No one likes to touch it.
  • Is a hopeless romantic who believes in "love at first sight".
  • He is a god
    • ...of Toast.
  • His nose elongates when he's sad
  • Sometimes urinates out  of anxiety
  • Heavily religious
    • He practices them all, especially the ones that contradict other religions.
  • Genderless
  • Makes pooty sounds with its naval cavity
  • Favourite television show is 'Deadliset catch'.
  • Loves sushi
  • Recovering alcoholic
  • Cries its self to sleep, sometimes.
  • Its father never hugged it
    • To be fair, its father has no arms.
  • Former angel of darkness (before promoted to full god)
  • Head rotates like owl
  • Is actually a deadly predator.
  • The "head" is actually a lure, such as that of a lantern fish; the stripes on its back are independently acting mouths, each with a chameleon-like tongue to snatch up prey when it is lured too close.


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