• An alien from another planet.
  • She is half-bug, half-cactus.
  • She is dating 0081.
  • She's a cabin boy in 0081's pirate crew.
  • alien princess
  • Likes to wear two birthday hats. Will wear a third if attending someone's birthday party.
  • After taking a semester of sewing class at the local alien community college, the alien princess opened up a clothing shop where they made all of the clothes she sold. None of the aliens actually like any of her creations, as it is always too big or too loose (as is shown with her brown shirt that she crafted herself). But they buy her clothes and creations by law, under the 43rd Amendment of the Alien Colonies. "All that do not identify themselves of human descent or origin shall be required to make a purchase yearly of Alien Princess's Crafted Clothing, or they shall be penalized by death"


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