• Really likes music, is a musician, and plays the piano.
  • Best friends with 0075.
  • Used to be a popular idol before her 15 minutes of fame ran out
  • Taught 0061 how to be a pop idol
  • Her headphones are actually a special form of CPAM (Cerebral Perception Alteration Machine) that's implanted into her brain. This device translates all external audio input into any form of music. Being the music lover she is, she can't resist but sing her sentences to the songs that are, literally, stuck in her head.
  • She's a closet lesbian.
  • Every article of clothing she owns has something music-related on it.
  • The lead singer in a band between her and 0089. Though she's very talented musically and vocally, she prefers to take things easy and going with the flow. That said, she usually solos on more somber or slower songs.
  • Used to be a famous Baroque singer, but when she realized no one listens to that kind of music anymore she trained herself to sing pop music instead.


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